Please follow those steps to get your BRID connected:

1. Download the Brid Air Purifier App from the Google Playstore

2. If is the first time you plug in and start your BRID just go to the next step. If your BRID has been already turned on for a while we suggest a manual reset (How To Manual Reset?).

3. Open your Android Settings, go to WiFi Settings, you will find a new network called "Brid Air Purifier XXX", where XXX depends on your Brid's ID. Please select the Brid's WiFi from the list, and connect your Android device to it.

Once you're connected, please open your Chrome and go to the url:
Follow the step-by-step visual guide to complete your pairing:

4. Open the Brid Air App, and follow the step-by-step procedure. The app will guide you through those steps:

    4.1. Scan the network, searching for any available Brid ready to be paired

    4.2. Select a Brid from the list

    4.3. Brid will be automatically connected to your home WiFi

    4.4. You can now choose a name for your Brid, and start using the App.


Be sure your GPS is ON.
Brid does not work very well with 5Ghz WiFi, so we strongly reccomend to use the 2.4Ghz WiFi

- Brid should be placed not too far from your WiFi modem, so place your Brid anywhere the WiFi signal is good enough